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Time for another contest! When I was younger, working outdoors was common for me. Landscaping, mowing lawns, cutting trees for lumber and firewood--these were just some of the ways I made money outdoors. I also cut trees to make walking sticks that I sold at craft shows and flea markets. But enough about me. On to your stories...

Below you'll find entries in my Working Outside Contest. To enter your own story of 400 words or more (about six paragraphs of this length), use my email on the Contact Page or subscribe to the Unusual Ways Newsletter (form is to the right) and you reply to any issue. Just paste your story in the email. Any interesting experience you have had with making money outdoors is what I'm looking for--jobs, businesses, treasure hunting. Tell us the good, the bad and the financial results.

If I can use your story you'll get a copy of the e-book version of Secrets of Lucky People. I'll also let you know where your story has been posted. If your's is chosen as the best I will send you a copy of my latest paperback book, 101 Weird Ways to Make Money. The deadline for entries is August 31, 2011. (Closed - sign up for the Unusual Ways Newsletter to be notified of new contests.)

Working Outside - Winning Entry

Baseball Money - How do you make $1,000 from baseball without being on a team or betting on a game? Find out in this true story.

Working Outside - The Other Entries

Buying and Selling Tagua - Bringing hand-carved figurines back from South America to sell in flea markets and craft shows.

Mural Painting - A fun story about a fun job painting a large wall.

Beach Jewelry and More - Look at some of the unusual ways there are to make money while getting a tan!

What About Horse Racing Jobs? - Michael from Maine tells us about his experience with harness horse racing (first entry).

A Construction Story - Dangerous work outside--with metal--in the winter.

Our Firewood Business - My own story. Of course I am ineligible for the prizes--I just want to get the contest rolling along.

I'll have more contests related to interesting ways to make money (and possibly on working outdoors) in Unusual Ways. Subscribe to the newsletter--the form is to the right--for details. You can also reach me by replying to any issue.

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