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Can you make a living pushing people, spraying cheese or being a clown at a funeral? Well, that last one is from the past, but many of the strange jobs covered here are really making money for those who have them. Here are the latest additions to our ever-growing list of weird jobs, odd businesses and other unusual ways to make money.

Train Pusher

This job involves pushing people onto trains. In Tokyo the trains are so full that before leaving the station passengers need to be "packed" into them by train pushers. These employees are called an "oshiya," or "passenger arrangement staff," and work primarily during the morning and evening rush hours.

Marijuana Tester

This one comes from Colorado, where medical marijuana has been legal for a while now. Only one position is available (or was--it may be filled), and technically it is a job reviewing different strains of pot for an alternative newspaper in Denver. Of course to review them you have to try them out.

Line Holder

Here's one I have done-sort of. I was once paid $20 to wait in line early for thirty minutes to get a spot at a limited number of slot machines. I then gave the machine to my customer as soon as he arrived. In Ecuador the lines at government offices are long enough that some entrepreneurs regularly make money either holding spots in them for people or they just get in line and sell their spot as they approach the front of the cue. I have read that this is becoming common in New York City as well, although there it is more common to pay a line holder for getting tickets to a big event.

Cheese Sprayer

Packaged popcorn that comes buttered or with cheese flavoring is often sprayed manually for more consistent coverage. Machines can't always get it right apparently, so someone needs to man the cheese sprayer.

Rent Yourself as a Foreigner

In China, companies hire foreigners just because they are foreign. The various jobs include posing as a fake CEO of an American company, or an important dignitary. There are even agencies that supply foreigners for these positions. Unfortunately for some, white males get almost all of the jobs.

Strange Jobs of the Past

An orgy planner did about what it sounds like. This position was apparently common in ancient Rome, according to an article on ListVerse.com, although workers in this field were not popular, and the trade was even banned at times. Other ancient jobs reported on by listverse.com included...


A stecorarius went from home to home collecting people's human waste. He then carried it off to to some dumping area out of town. It was also sold to farmers as fertilizer for crops.

Curse Tablet Maker

If you wanted to curse someone in ancient Rome, you went to the curse tablet maker, who etched a curse into a lead sheet. You then posted this in a temple. Listverse.com had this example of a curse from those times: "bind every limb and sinew of Victorius, the charioteer for the Blue team.. the horses he is about to race… blind their eyes so they cannot see and twist their soul and heart so they cannot breathe."

Funeral Clown

Make fun of the dead, act like them, and dance around them and the living during funeral possessions. Not a common job description today, and one of the stranger jobs, but this was a well-paid job during the days of the Roman Empire. The point was apparently to placate the souls of the departed.

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