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There are many answers to the question of how to make money with your writing on the internet. I have covered a number of those ways here on this site as well as in my ebook, You Can Make Money Writing. But they almost all fall into one of two basic and very different strategies. The first is to write for others, which limits how much you can make. The other is to build a true business based on your writing.

Strategy Number One

You can go to contract service websites like Elance.com any day of the week and find jobs posted that you can bid on. A warning though: you are competing against many other writers, so even if you have excellent skills you may have to bid low enough that you don't get a decent wage. There is always work, but do you want it at any rate? I personally buy decent articles for $11 each, and I suspect an hour or more is spent writing them.

You can search for "paid to post" sites and blogs. I recently spent fifteen minutes writing a quick post for one and was paid $8 an hour or two later (sent to my PayPal account). There may still be some of these around.

You can also get hired to write for a blog. Getting a true salary is not easy, but some blogs are big enough to afford this now.

You might do better setting up your own site to advertise your services. You can also then approach quality sites whose owners will pay more for quality writing. I have seen 600-word articles selling for as much as $35 online. Better pay certainly, but like all of these ways you are essentially doing a job and so the money you can make is limited by the hours you are willing to work at it.

Strategy Number Two

If you don't want to limit the amount you can earn, you need to learn how to make money writing online for your own websites or blogs. This can be a slower way to start, but eventually the sky is the limit. Also, you can take a break when you want, because the money keeps coming in whether you are working or not.

For example, I have websites that make thousands of dollars per year even when I don't look at them for months at a time. That residual income resulted from writing pages and then using short articles to promote the sites. Revenue is from automated sources like pay-per-click advertising and affiliate products I am paid a commission on.

You can also write and sell ebooks online. Again, once you do the writing and set up the site and marketing plan, the money comes in even on days you take off. Both of these ways (and there are others) do involve learning some basic marketing skills. But when you make money writing online in these ways, you can grow your income to almost any level.

Note: There's a good collection of pages about online profits, including ways to make money writing, on EveryWayToMakeMoney.com.

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