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5 Unusual Ways to Earn Some Extra Money

By Eric Hammer

These days, we're all looking for ways to earn a bit of extra money. You've likely seen the usual suspects - earn money by doing odd jobs, take an extra job, work from home, etc. etc. However those are not the only ways to earn extra money. Here are five rather unusual ways to earn extra money which you may not have heard of before but which will still help you earn extra money (if you're willing to do them that is).

Become a Focus Group Participant

There are a handful of people who actually make a full time living doing this, though most people just earn extra money doing the occasional focus group. You can find listings for focus groups on the web by searching through Craigslist as well as contacting various companies which run such focus groups and asking if they have any in your area. You generally won't make enough to live on, but these groups can be fun to participate in and you often get to try free food or watch a pilot of a new TV show.

Become a Scrap Metal Recycler

If you have a truck and don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can make extra money by collecting scrap metal from all over your neighborhood. People throw away useless junk all the time - old bed frames, ovens, refrigerators and other odds and ends with lots of scrap metal in them. If you don't mind going around collecting it all and dropping it off at a scrap metal recycler, it is possible to earn extra money from this junk. Don't expect to earn much though. Scrap metal recyclers typically pay just a few dollars for a whole truck load of junk metal.

Still, if you can do it efficiently enough to cover gasoline costs, it may well be worth your while. Just look in the Yellow Pages or online for scrap metal recyclers in your area and ask them what their rules are for turning in scrap metal.

Sell Your Hair

No, selling organs isn't legal, no matter what the shady guy on the street may tell you about selling a kidney. However, there is one way to earn extra money which does involve selling parts of your body and which is perfectly legal. If you happen to have long hair, you can sell it to wig makers who use the stuff to create natural hair wigs. These wig makers will often pay hundreds of dollars for quality human hair. The catch of course is that you can only do this once in a while since your hair will take time to grow back.

Participate in Medical Trials

Okay so it's not super unusual, but it is at least a somewhat unusual way to earn extra money. Medical schools and pharmaceutical companies are always looking for human guinea pigs willing to try out some new medicines and see how effective they are. These pills have typically been tested in animals already and are found to be safe, however there is of course at least some risk involved. Often though, the only thing you are risking is that the pill simply won't do what they promised it would do.

Become a Surrogate Mother

Finally, for women who don't mind carrying a baby to term and then giving it away, it's possible to earn some extra money by (pardon the expression) renting out your womb for nine months. In essence, you'd be working with childless couples (or gay couples) who can't have a baby of their own and carrying the baby for them all the way to term. This can be emotionally draining though as you will often be required to give up your child without any right to see them after they are born. In some cases however, surrogate parents are asked to be part of the baby's life though that needs to be negotiated in advance.

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