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The following are some crazy new invention ideas that someone might make some money with. To come up with your own crazy (and hopefully profitable) inventions, visit www.IncreaseBrainpower.com, and subscribe to The Brainpower Newsletter. It's free, and you may still be able to get the ebook "How To Have New Ideas" when you sign up.

Walk-on-Water Shoes

This is a simple concept. Just imagine two little "kayaks" for your feet, and two smaller ones at the end of two ski-poles, for balance. With this you could walk across the nearest lake. It's possible this has been tried, but I have not seen it yet. A demonstration would have everyone wanting to try them, although the primary market may not be to users, but to those who would rent them out.

By the way, at 8 feet long and 8 inches around, they would hold about 178 pounds each. To try this one, remember that to figure the volume of a cylindrical object, you multiply pi (3.14) times the radius squared times the length. Also, each cubic foot of air will support about 64 pounds. Oh, and remember to subtract the weight of the devices.

Dandruff Vacuum

Okay, I have no idea if this one will work, but it seems that a strong vacuum could remove the dandruff from someone's hair. It also seems like it would be a fast way to do it. Perhaps the biggest problem would be the potential danger of bursting an ear drum or sucking an eye out (okay, lets not make this one).

Pole-Less Tent

In place of poles, there would be two inflatable sleeves that criss-cross over the top of a dome-style tent. Rigidity could be insufficient for windy nights, but it's worth a try.

Note: I was recently informed by a visitor to may backpacking website that there already is such a tent. The basic idea is still open for development though, as only a specific design would be patented.

Kite Sails for Boats

Sail boats are complicated, with masts, booms, and keels. Want a simple way to propel your canoe or rowboat across that lake, using the wind? A large kite could do the trick. Make it like a para-sail, so it will be light to carry (no poles required) and simple to use. I have tried this, by the way, and even a normal delta-wing kite of a few feet across will really pull a canoe.

To sell an idea like this, you might try to design something simple, yet big enough to pull a motor boat. Then you could market it not only as a fun diversion, but as an emergency propulsion system for when motors die. A spinnaker sail, which is sometimes referred to as a "kite," requires a mast. This kite could even be used in emergencies involving a broken mast.

Horrible Foods Cookbook

We used to play a game on long trips. It was basically a contest to see who could come up with the most horrible foods, using real foods as the basis. Tuna fish jello, anchovy milkshakes, and chicken-flavored ice cream were some of our concoctions. The game was fun, but the money making idea here is to put all these foods into a gag cookbook. Stranger books have had success, so who knows?

Paste on Soles for Hikers

New soles for hiker's feet? First, you have to understand how hikers get blisters. They come from friction. A foot moves in a shoe, parts of the shoe rub on the foot, and "hot spots" develop, eventually becoming blisters. If you cover a spot with "moleskin" or even duct tape early enough, you can prevent a blister. With that in mind, the question arises; "Why not cover the whole foot?"

Make padded insoles which are glued to the bottom of your feet. The insoles could be made of felt or some other material, and perhaps sold with a solvent for easy removal. Perhaps they could be reused, gluing and removing repeatedly, the way dentures are used. The concept is that with them attached firmly to the foot, there is no direct friction against the skin, and so little chance of a blister forming. Odd? Yes, but this page is about crazy invention ideas.


More crazy ideas, and techniques for generating them, will be covered in the Unusual Ways Newsletter. You can subscribe on the homepage or using the form in the side bar to the right.

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