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How many ways to make money can you think that involve using knowledge or expertise you already have? Hopefully at least a couple. There are many more than you might realize, though, especially in the age of the internet. Here are some examples.

First, for the purpose of explaining these ways to make money, let’s assume that you know a lot about something. Normally we each know more than most people about some subject, whether that is raising kids, fishing, putting on makeup, cleaning a boat or any of the other thousand possibilities. For our examples we’ll assume you know all about growing vegetables.

You can teach others directly by way of seminars in your own backyard, charging them a fee for each lesson on how to properly plant and raise their own foods most effectively.

You can write a book about growing vegetables and find a publisher that is willing to take a chance on it.

You can self-publish a book for about $600, and sell it yourself. You might sell it to people who attend your backyard seminars.

You can give a class at the local community college. You will sometimes get a share of the tuition for non-credit classes. Whether or not you do, this is another opportunity to sell your book or fin customers for your more “hands on” seminars.

You can write a column for the local newspaper. If they are not willing to pay for this, you can at least develop your reputation in this way, in order to sell more books or seminars. At the very least they should allow you a mention of your website (see next item) at the end of each column.

Start a website based on what you know. I cleaned carpets as a job many years ago, and now have a site about carpet stain removal. I just put the information there for free and make many thousands of dollars per year from the advertising. There are million of gardeners out there looking for tips online.

In some ways it is simpler to start a blog rather than a website. It can even be done for free, and you can monetize it in most of the same ways as a website.

Write an e-book and sell it online. My best one only makes a few thousand dollars per year, but then I only had to write it once and it keeps on selling.

Give away an e-book about growing vegetables. How do you make money doing this? There are several ways. One is to use a short e-book to promote a paperback or a longer e-book that you sell. Once readers like what they see, they are more willing to pay for what you offer. Another way is to have links to affiliate products in the free e-book, so you make a commission each time a reader clicks through to buy something that you recommend.

Create pod-casts and sell them online. This is one of the newer ways to make money, and there is an increasing demand for information that can be easily downloaded and listened to at one’s leisure on an MP3 player--or just on a laptop.

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