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In our continuing series on spending less, I wanted to include some of the more creative ways. I hope there are a couple new ideas for you in the short list below. These suggestions come from http://www.everywaytosavemoney.com.

House - There are several large companies that sell house kits. These come with the complete plans and materials delivered to your site. You could build it yourself, but the general idea is to be your own general contractor and hire others to do the building. You might get a nice house for 30% less this way.

Business Labor Costs - At a restaurant where I worked we sometimes didn't have enough employees on duty, and other times had too many. By tracking the customer count over time, and changing employee scheduling to match actual customer traffic patterns I provided better customer service and saved the restaurant $15,000 per year on labor. Savings like that go straight to the bottom line.

Home Improvement and Repair - Have deadlines with penalties for contractors. Have a deadline in the contract, and some penalty if the job isn't completed by that date. Taking $50 per day off the price, for each day past the deadline is called a "motivational clause."

Hospital Charges - Watch for padding of time. Check your anesthesia records to see how long your operation lasted. Compare this to the time you were charged for the surgery. Hospitals often charge for the time spent in the operating room ($20 to $90 per minute), so watch for any overcharges here.

Life Insurance - Look for rebates. Some states allow agents to rebate a portion of their commission to you. Check online or by phone. You don't have to be from the state to buy insurance there.

Appliances - Compare energy-use statistics. These are listed on major appliances. If the difference is significant, it may be worth paying a little more up front to save money long-term.

Gasoline - Know how to use cruise. The cruise control on cars is great for long, relatively flat stretches. When it is hilly, though, you will generally get better mileage on your own. Cruise control will tend to accelerate to the top of the hill if the speed is a bit too slow, while you can see the downhill stretch coming and let off on the gas pedal. Cruise control, also tends to accelerate too fast when you start up the next hill.

Health Care - Participate in research. If your condition is one of the hundreds being studied by the National Institutes of Health, you may qualify for free medical care. One catch: you'll probably have to go to the NIH hospital in Maryland. For more information, call 1-800-411-1222 or visit http://www.cc.nih.gov.

Get educated. There are often cheap alternatives that doctors won't tell you about. I removed a skin growth that had been on my neck for years with a $6 bottle of tea tree oil. The doctor could only recommend hundreds of dollars of additional tests to determine what expensive treatment it would need.

Computers - Buy in January, when they often go on sale. Stores often over-stock for Christmas and in January they need to make room for other products.

Rent - Buy out of leases. If you need to move, or you find a cheaper nicer apartment, ask your landlord if you can "buy out" of your lease. If it is an easy to rent apartment, or if rents have gone up while you were there, he might allow this for say $500. If you had nine months to go, and will pay $75 less at the new place, you get a net savings of $400 ($900 - $500).

Swimming Pools - Use public pools. Private swimming pools would rarely seem worth it if the owners added up all the true costs and looked at how often they use the pool. Some owners are probably paying as much as $100 per hour to swim in their own pools. Consider using a nice public pool.

Capital Gains Taxes on Stocks - Time your sale. Time your sale. Put off selling into the following year, and you'll pay the tax a year later. With stocks that may go down, you can buy put options to protect yourself while you wait. Of course, this can backfire if you are in a higher tax bracket the following year.

Wedding Rings - Have it made. Often it is cheaper (and more romantic) to buy a diamond or gemstone and then have it set in a ring by a jeweler, rather than buy a ring that is already made. You can honestly say you had it specially made for her.

Banking - Use "mental accounting." If your account minimum is $100, just consider that to be the bottom of your account. It is well worth a $100 to save $100 or more in fees every year.

Hotels - Watch out for extras. Some hotels are sneaking in extra charges, like a "porterage" charge for carrying your bags to the room - even if you carry your own! Ask what charges they have beyond the room rate and taxes.

Business Advertising - Save when mailing out advertising by including it with other mailings, like your invoices or monthly newsletters. Put coupons in with your products to encourage repeat business.

Bank Account Charges - To avoid going below minimums and getting charged penalties, use "mental accounting." If your account minimum is $100, just consider that to be the bottom of your account. It is well worth a $100 to save $100 or more in fees every year.

Airfare - Use a drive/fly combo. It might take two hours to drive to a larger airport, but it could save you hundreds of dollars for the connecting flight.

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