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Exactly how many different ways are there to make a profit or a paycheck? There are exactly 4,346,296 -- and 301 of those were invented today. One of those methods was to use bogus statistics to create this page (and yes, I do make money with these pages).

But seriously, there are thousands of ways to make money. We give preference to the more unusual ways here, in keeping with the theme of the site, but if there is a new twist on a traditional business or job, we'll cover that as well. Here we gather together most of the best pages for your convenience.

Ways to Make Money - The Pages

As they are added to the site, the newest pages are added to the top of this list, so be sure to check back for more.

How to Make Money Freelance Writing - I offer some tips based on my own experiences.

Money Making Ideas in San Francisco - Discover the easiest way to make money as a street performer.

Are These for Real? - Or are these unusual oportunities all scams? I look at a half-dozen interesting ones.

How to Find Unclaimed Property - See if you have an account you forgot about or a check that never got to you.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration - Making Money From Nothing - There are true stories and cool ideas here to get you motivated.

Selling Fame to the Dead - You might recall the sale of the crypt above that of Marilyn Monroe's...

My Entrepreneurial Ecuadorian - True stories from another continent...

Mailbox Notes - Emails with comments, questions, and stories. The latter include snow dumps, dumpster-diving, and more.

How to Make Money in a Small Town - Look at some of the ways people do it in a small town in Colorado.

Make and Save Money Around the House - Raise some cash today.

How to Lose Money Selling Earrings - This is a personal story about how I was introduced to rack merchandising.

Miscellaneous Money Stuff - People will kill others for how much? That's one of the items on this page of miscellany.

A Metal Detecting Secret - Treasure hunters know that there are times when treasures reveal themselves...

More Unusual Money Ideas - Interactive cameras that users control online, fetal greetings and more...

Give Things Away to Make Money? - Several ways are looked at, including some that I have used.

Money Brainstorming Techniques - A couple of my favorite ways to dream up ways to make profits and products.

Stock Market Investing - Thoughts from an Unsual Ways subscriber.

Can You Make Money in a Casino? - It is possible if you have self discipline and are willing to do the math.

A Referral Service - A low-cost business you can start and run from home.

More Unusual Ways to Make or Save - Several ways you may not have heard of.

Interesting Businesses - Several good examples.

Videos About Weird Ways - Not necessarily recommended jobs, but interesting.

Print Your Own Money? - Here's how it's done.

Odd Ways to Make Money - A few selections from our other site.

Using What You Know - Ways to monetize your knowledge both online and off.

Money Mindset - How to think about making money if you want to actually do that.

Make Money From Death - A profitable new business for one company.

Start a Worm Farm - Start with very little investment and build it into a decent income.

High Prices - How they can indicate an opportunity to make big money.

Make Balloon Animals - Where to get supplies, what sells, for how much, and where to sell them.

Loan Money - There are some methods you may not have considered here.

More Strange Ways - Paid to let people break things? That's one way covered here.

More Strange Jobs - People packer, drug tester, and more, including a fun look at jobs of ancient Rome.

Make Extra Cash This Week - Some of the usual and not-so-normal ways are found here.

Puzzles for Sale - Make puzzles to make money, as in this true story from a newsletter subscriber.

Money News - Some interesting news and notes for 2012.

More Odd Jobs - Our latest page on weird ways to make money.

5 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money - Join a focus group, be a surrogate mother or...

How to Have Business Ideas - Use this method for profitable brainstorming.

Run Errands for Money - Use the new online platforms to get started.

Revenue Sharing - You write, they do the rest of the work.

Making Honest Money Online - How to decide how far to go.

Four Ways to Make Money Online - Some basic approaches.

Some Residual Income Opportunities - Definition and examples.

Interesting Ways - Links to contest entries.

Buy and Sell Furniture and More - A survival business example - a true story.

Cow Grooming - For cash, of course.

Make Money With a Camera - At a basketball game.

Selling Football Memorabilia - More money potential than I would have thought.

Child Entrepreneur - Starting little businesses in youth.

Land Contract Sale - What it is followed by a true story.

A Quick Way to Make Cash - Turning $25 into hundreds of dollars.

Selling Mortal Kombat Codes - A true story.

Make Money in South Africa - A few good ideas from a contributor.

Make Money with Pay to Click Sites? - Yes, says this contributor.

Killing Japanese Beetles - Another subscriber story.

Reasons to Quit a Job - A subscriber's story and my own thoughts.

Sandwich Board Sign? - $20 per hour in 1979 was pretty good...

Opportunities - A Few Thoughts - With examples.

Money Making Websites - Answers to subscriber's questions, based on my experience.

Writing Online - Questions and answers.

How to Make Money Writing Online - Do you want a job or business?

How to Get Rich Online - I'm not there yet, but...

A Few Creative Ways - Low risk methods too.

Website - A Residual Income Opportunity - Automating an income stream.

Home Based Business Opportunities - Two kinds and a bit about each.

How to Make Money - Some important principles to understand.

The Juggling Street Performer - His hat was filled with bills...

Treasure Hunting - Have you heard of these ways?

Make More Money - Two dozen ways.

I Was a Repo Man - And they were an angry mob.

Making Money on the Internet - Twenty ways.

Ways to Make Money Fast - More than a dozen of them.

How to Win at Roulette - I watched him win $80,000.

How to Get Rich Today - Is it possible? Sort of.

Ways for Kids to Make Money - Unusual ways for kids to make cash.

Easy Ways - Are there easy ways to make money? Maybe...

Waking Sticks - Here's how I made them and sold them.

Hobbies - Make money doing things you enjoy.

Making Things - Create extra income with your handiwork.

Using What You Have - Use the skills, things, and situations you have.

Playing With Money - Have you ever wanted to be a loan-shark?

Interesting Ways - My contest page; win prizes for true stories

Real Estate Investing - Not just the usual ways, of course.

Residual Income - What it is and why you want it.

Create Wealth From Home

As you look through the list above and explore the pages, you might notice that there are only a few basic approaches to making money. You can work for others and collect a paycheck. You can work for yourself by starting a business. Then there are investments, which get your money working for you. We have examples of all three of these basic approaches here.

But some of the more interesting methods don't fall neatly into one of these three categories. For example, treasure hunting is not quite a business. Buying, fixing and selling boats is both an investment and a business. Repossessing airplanes is a job, but is often done on a commission basis, making it more like a business. Begging, which we recently covered in the Unusual Ways newsletter, is something else altogether, but apparently can be profitable if done in the right places and using the right techniques.

In any case, that is why we so often refer to "ways" rather than just jobs, businesses and investments.

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And some of the most unusual ways to make money...

Unusual Businesses: Making palm leaves into scorpions, collecting dead deer...

Unusual Jobs: Odor sniffer, lazy boy tester, chicken sexer...

Ways to Make Extra Money: Stealing cars (legally), selling stuffed animals...

Finding Things: Treasure hunting, sifting through vacuum cleaner dust...

More Unusual Ways to Make Money: Some good ones.

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