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I recently received an email from a subscriber to the Unusual Ways Newsletter. I get these emails with questions fairly often, and when they are good ones I like to answer them with a new page, so others can read read what I have to say. Here is the question:

I have heard about revenue sharing sites and other ways to make money writing online without investing any money. Do you know of any good examples?

Steve's Answer:

Many of these sites are based on sharing revenue from Google Adsense or other pay-per-click advertising programs. For example, at the moment squidoo.com pays you half of the revenue they make from AdSense ads. You can search "revenue sharing sites" to find many others, but be sure to read the fine print.

One thing I will say is that you have to be pretty prolific to make much money. You might make pennies per month on a page, or at best a few dollars (although there will be exceptions). If you make $1.50 per month per page on average, you would have to put up a thousand pages to make $1,500 monthly. That's okay if you write a lot, because the money can keep coming in for years, even if you stop working at it. After some initial work, one of my websites makes $10,000 annually and it takes just ten hours of work each year to maintain it now. Of course if the revenue was split that would be $5,000 per year, which shows you one advantage of having your own sites.

You can make money with blogs too. At blogger.com, you can create a blog for free, then promote it and when you have sufficient traffic you can advertise affiliate products (you get a commission if someone buys one), or sign up for a Google AdSense account and place ads on the blog (you get paid for each click).

I have a free short course on how to make money writing online hosted on my website 999articles.com. You can find that here:

You Can Make Money Writing

I also have seen blogs that pay for posts. Search "pay for posting" or "pay per post blogs" to find these if there still are some. I once tested one and was paid $8 within a couple hours after submitting an opinion piece that was just four paragraphs and took me just 15 minutes to write. I do better with my own sites, but it is interesting to make money without any need to have a site or even a computer (I could have done that from a public library computer).

For a collection of more than a dozen pages on different ways to make money online check out the following section from the website EveryWayToMakeMoney.com:

Online Profits and Paychecks

And to return the subject of revenue sharing sites, I should mention that even though you can probably make more money with your own site, it is a lot more work than just writing and letting another site deal with the details and develop the income for you. EveryWayToMakeMoney.com happens to have a good page on this as well:

Make Money - Revenue Sharing Websites

I hope that helps. Good luck.

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