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Can You Make Money With Pay to Click Sites?

According to the Unusual Ways subscriber who sent in this entry for my Most Interesting Money Maker Contest newsletter, you can make money with those pay to click programs. The amount you make seems pretty low for the time invested, so I won't be trying this one myself. At least I now know how those services work that promise to send thousands of people to your website (though I'm not sure what the value is).


My most interesting (and most successful) ways to make money have been on the internet. Online marketing and advertising works to at least pay a bill or two. I know people who take online surveys for money, sell personal property and valuables, make blogs, and sell owned website space to other businesses for their advertisements and banners. I have done some of these.

The best thing about the internet is the vast array of ways with which you can make money. Fiverr, for example, is one of the most creative money-making tools I've come across in my search as it leaves the product selling completely up to the user. Still, there is another way to bring in cash online that bests even Fiverr in my perspective.

PTC or Pay-to-Click websites can be found across the internet. The idea is simple, yet highly effective. A host website merely pays its members to click links that take them to 3rd party websites that pay the host, and normally the member is required to view the website for a certain amount of time. The amount of money the member is paid is usually correspondent with the amount of time that they are requested to visit the website. In this instance it creates a win-win situation for all parties.

I use two programs that have proven efficient for me. ClixSense and Neobux are both free PTC websites that have a slow but steady income system. With ClixSense the member receives anywhere from $0.01 – $0.02 per advertised link that they click. The time required to visit the 3rd party site with ClixSense's program ranges from 3 seconds to one minute. When a member has at least $5 into his or her account, a withdrawal request may be made, and the company will send a check from the account.

Neobux operates under a similar system with the difference being a $0.05 maximum payout with longer viewing times for the 3rd party company sites. Because it's such a slow yet efficient method of making money, I would have to say by far that it is one of the most interesting ways that I have ever made a healthy income.

Thanks Danilo.

Note: The contest will probably be over by the time you read this, but if you subscribe to the newsletter I'll announce new competitions there. In any case, if you've had your own "pay to click" experience or any other interesting way you've made money, send it my way (you can reply to any newsletter mailing). If I use it on the site you can choose an ebook as payment (I'll give you several choices).

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