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Selling Mortal Kombat Codes - A True Story

I never was a video game player, but after reading the following true story about how to sell Mortal Kombat codes, I realize that I missed out on some good money opportunities as a child. This was sent to me by a subscriber to the Unusual Ways newsletter as an entry in my Most Interesting Money Maker Contest. You can see the other entries listed on the page Interesting Ways to Make Money.

Sterling E Jenkins

When I was in the 7th grade, a new video game had recently been released that started sweeping my generation by storm. Mortal Kombat was the newest, biggest event at my school. The game was even played after lunch and after school (in pretend, of course). Well, if you are at all familiar with the game, you know there are millions of codes and combination button pressing to achieve many things in the game. All sorts of magazines will let you have a code here and a code there, just to keep things interesting; however there were never enough for me.

I was 10 years old at the time and I decided to type all the codes (all properly categorized) into my computer. I used the old style printer (with the holes on the side for the feeder) to print out a little booklet I made for myself. I had friends that like the booklet I'd made so much, that they wanted one as well. So I told my friends that their payment would be to get more magazines for more codes and I would reward their efforts with an updated booklet.

All in all, I had about 12 pages of codes, both public and secret. And the perfect business opportunity came from a speech class I was taking in school that year. We had to give a presentation of something. As it turned out, I had the perfect thing to present to the class. The next day, I stood in front of everyone and presented my cheat code booklet to everyone. Of course they were interested in that I wasn't just making something up to present; I really had something tangible.

After letting a few booklets be passed around class (and subsequently being told to finish my presentation and sit down) I had them hooked. For the rest of the year, I sold my booklets during lunch and after school for $10 a piece. I never thought to tell my dad about all of this at the time, and he got really upset when he found an entire stash of cash in one of my bedroom drawers. I had to give out phone numbers so he could call and confirm I sold the booklets like I said I had.

Great entrepreneurial spirit Sterling!

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