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You can get the usual news in your paper or on one of the cable news networks. We have some of that here too, but we also have the more uncommon news items related to money here, starting with...

The Largest Lawsuit Ever?

A woman from Staten Island is suing the city of West Brighton for $900 trillion. She says that they put her children in foster care without a proper justification. Since $900 trillion is more that the annual economic output of the entire world, it seems likely that the suit will be dismissed or the claim amount reduced.

Do You Have Change for a Million?

A man in North Carolina was shopping at Walmart and tried to pay for his $476 in purchases with a million-dollar bill. He insisted it was real, and police were called. He is now in jail. The $100-bill is the largest currently in circulation in the United States. Notes for higher amounts were discontinued in 1969.

What is Ambergris?

Your clues: it comes from the intestines of one of the largest animals on the planet; it is worth almost half as much as gold; it is found laying around in certain locales; and there is a new page all about how to cash in on this here:

Ambergris Hunter

Wages Are Falling

The Washington Post recently reported that half of all the workers in the United States made less than $26,364 in 2010--the lowest median wage so far reported for this century if you adjust the figure for inflation. Perhaps it is time to think about starting that business?

Most Borrowing Ever?

The newsletter, Independent Living, recently reported that the Treasury Department has announced that in the first quarter of 2012 it will borrow at least $541 billion. This is almost an all-time record. In the last quarter of 2008 borrowing topped $569 billion during the financial panic. Watch for the value of the dollar to drop at some point if this borrowing continues.

Make Money as a Reality TV Star?

There seems to be an endless supply of new reality TV shows, and you might be able to cash in by getting a part on one. On February 8, 2012 an article on ThePennyHoarder.com listed 12 shows that were casting. These included "Women of South Boston," "Jersey Shore," "The Biggest Loser," and "Love in the Wild." That last one will throw you into a jungle with other singles, apparently just to see what happens.

Audit a Liquor Store for Extra Income

If you are under the age of 25 and need some extra cash, you might try becoming a liquor store auditor. No, you won;t have to look at the books in the back room. This auditing is about ID-checking policies. You will be paid to go into store undercover to see if the cashier asks you for your identification. Then you'll fill out a short report on your experience. You generally make about $20 to $30 for each liquor store you visit. The last time I checked, the companies Corporate Research and TrendSource were hiring for these positions, but you can check with other outfits which hire "mystery shoppers."

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