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By , author of "101 Weird Ways to Make Money."

If you want to make your millions, or even just make some extra income, having the right money mindset can help. I learned this myself when I gave up whining about the way things are and started doing what was necessary to make money. After some seventy or eighty jobs and money-making schemes, I found my calling online, publishing websites. One of the more than forty that my wife and I built was http://www.housesunderfiftythousand.com, based on our experience looking for and finding a cheap home. By itself it has produced more income in some years than any job I’ve had.

When we started, I hated computers. I knew nothing about "html," and nothing about marketing a website. Previously I would have used these facts as excuses for not starting our business or for just "giving it a try," meaning doing it in less-than-effective ways, and so "proving" that it wouldn’t work. But we gave it our all, and it did work. In time it led to—among other opportunities—a contract to write 101 Weird Ways to Make Money.

Writing guest posts on blogs as part of promotion for the book (and because I like to write, of course), generated a lot of comments. Most were positive, but then there were the criticisms. Some are fair or at least honest, although I’m not sure why people would expect a full treatise on each way to make money when 101 are covered in one book. Many comments, however, are what I have to call whiny. They are indicative of a money mindset that is less-than-productive, to put it mildly.

For example, one reader said that all the bounty hunter positions in his area went to “former military, ex-police, or friends of the company.” That might be a fact where he is, but does it justify the “This guy is a phony” comment that followed? It seems to me that the chapter on bounty hunting might have been useful to former military, and ex-police officers at the very least. In any case, did the commenter think he must qualify for every job in the book for it not to be phony?

More likely it is simply indicative of a poor money mindset. If I wanted to be a bounty hunter and I saw what he sees, I would look to befriend bail bondsmen, or I would get officer training, or I would create a case for being hired without these qualifications. At some point maturity requires getting past whining about the way things are and dealing with what exists. That’s an important step in developing a money mindset that makes financial or career success more likely.

Another commenter attacked my quote about foreclosure cleaning; “Low wages make it easier to get these positions," and added, “I'm sorry, did I stumble onto RedState.com?” Hey, it wasn’t meant as a political statement on my part. If he wants to fight for higher wages through political means, he is free to do so. But the simple truth is that low wages in some industries do make it easier to get started, and my post was about jobs that could become businesses, not about jobs as final destinations. I know people who started out as low-paid employees and used the experience to then start their own very successful businesses. They had the right money mindset.

Things are what they are. Wages are low in some areas—perhaps even unfairly low. It takes more money than most people have to start some businesses. Some opportunities are limited to certain areas of the country. Others require experience and certifications to start. Certain businesses are just plain tough. That’s the way it is.

If you have a good money mindset you won’t use any of these facts as excuses, and you will not choose whining over work. You will instead look at low wages as something that lets you easily get experience for future entrepreneurial ventures. You will look for a business you can afford to start (My wife and I started our online business with a few hundred dollars, while living in a mobile home). You will move to where the action is if it’s that action you want. You’ll get the experience you need and give up something—anything—to pay for the certifications required. You will do what you have to do to succeed.

That’s what it means to have a good mindset when it comes to matters of making money. Think about the people you have seen succeeding. Now, think about any men or women you know who are great at explaining why things won’t work. How well has that approach worked for them? I’m not trying to be harsh, and many of my own friends are expert explainers and complainers while also being good decent people… but they are not my wealthier friends.

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