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How to Make Money With a Camera

I love the following story. It shows us one of the many ways to make money with a camera. It was sent in by a subscriber to the newsletter, as an entry in my Most Interesting Money Maker Contest. Others are listed on the page Interesting Ways to Make Money.

Steve Everly

I had just bought a new camera and was looking for ways to make money with it. I read a few online stories about how to have a career using your camera. One of the tips said to have business cards made that simply stated your name, how to contact you and the words "Photographer." So I set out with my new photographer business cards.

After a few days of getting used to the new camera, I saw an ad that said the "basketball team that trotted around the globe" was coming to the town that was close to me. I could remember as a kid watching them on TV that they pulled people out of the stands and performed lots of tricks and antics with them. I knew right away that this would be a great opportunity to take pictures and sell them to people as they posed with the team.

I went to the basketball game that night and set up under the goal. The team pulled people out of the stands and danced with them. They did all of their usual tricks to please the crowd. The crowd ranged from young kids to adults. Every time the team did an antic with someone from the crowd, I took all the pictures that I could. Just after that I would walk over and give the person or adult one of my photographer cards. I told them that I had a great picture of them dancing with one of the players or whatever. I also told them that I would be at the library in a couple of days with their proofs (because I did not have a studio to meet them).

People showed up at the library with money in hand. Who wouldn't want a once in a lifetime picture with the team and a purse full of confetti? I sold around $500 worth of pictures that day that I already had orders for. Some people ordered more pictures for another $250. I really couldn't believe how much money I made while watching a basketball game!

This is a perfect example of the entrepreneurial spirit, which Steve clearly has. He also sent me the story found here: Football Memorabilia.

Note: The contest has ended, but I'll announce new competitions in the newsletter (the form should be to the right.) You can also send stories of odd ways you've made money any time, and if I put one on the site I'll send you an e-book (I'll let you choose from a few titles).

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