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How to Make Money in South Africa

I received the following on how to make money in South Africa, and I decided to enter it into my Most Interesting Money Maker Contest. There are a couple really good ideas here that might work in the States or other parts of the world as well.

South Africa

1 - I have a friend with a large home that she rents from an older man. The house has 4 bedrooms and a small flatlet. Her sitting area has been converted into another room and has 1 bathroom and 2 toilets. each room is hired out for different amounts and payment in advance. All the cooking during the week is done by her, and she buys bulk food, saving huge amounts on her grocery bills.

2 - Pick palm shoots from the tree, place in soil in plastic packets (cut off dustbin/garbage bags) and let them grow a while and sell them on the side of the road. Takes a bit of time, but benefits are amazing.

3 - Buying bulk packets of sweets and repack into smaller quantities in packets and go around the neighbourhood selling them, either door to door, or get a table and sit on a pedestrian busy sidewalk and sell them. Very good near bus shelters or train stations.

4 - Advertise in your local area that you do laundry - Let them drop it off and you do the laundry from your home and they collect in the evening. This is especially popular amongst the single men, as it's just too time consuming sitting in the Laundromats.

5 - Make sacks out of your onion and potatoe pockets and drop each one at your local neighbour's house, asking them to keep all white smooth paper for the month and then you collect it at the end of the month - sell it to the paper recycling - this isn't that much as they pay R2.10 per kg, but you can at least get some bread and milk money.

Thank you for the contribution Stormy.

Fort those of you who did not know, the "R" above stands for the Rand which is the currency of South Africa.

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