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There is something so basic and satisfying about buying and selling things. Buy cheap and find the right buyer in order to make a profit. The following story sent to me by a subscriber to the Unusual Ways newsletter provides a good example. It's an entry in my Most Interesting Money Maker Contest. Others are listed on the page Interesting Ways to Make Money.


My story began back in the early 80's when I got laid of from my job. We had very little - except a lot of bills. I started looking around my house for things to sell. The first thing I noticed was our furniture. I sold any thing extra we really didn't need, like dressers, end tables, coffee tables - you name it, it was up for sale.

I then took that money and checked the newspapers for other pieces of furniture I could buy and resell at a profit. It got to the point my wife said she wouldn't risk to come into the house and sit down without checking first - the couch that was there in the morning might be a recliner by night.

One time I even bought an electric lawn mower with a 50-foot extension cord for $25.00, brought it home and cut my grass, then put the lawn mower up for sale for $75.00 and got to keep the cord to sell later. I managed to get enough money to buy a cheap car to fix up and sell, and have been doing a few of those every year ever since.

It is amazing what a person can do to survive, if you are willing to look outside the box and use your imagination.

I know that it is possible to buy and sell furniture to make some money, because I have done it as well. In fact, my wife and I have occasionally sold things bought at rummage sales through a local consignment shop - and we made a profit even after their 40% cut.

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